Codedrizz was launched in 2021 for code learners and bloggers to work as a community. This site is growing among those who want to get something from here.

How You Will Get Benefit from Our Site

Now, this is not easy for me to answer because this is the question in every visitor’s mind to a site. So to make it easy, I will try to respond with the help of the following questions.

Why You Should Read Our Blog ?

If you have a passion for learning the code and finding the solutions to code-related problems, you will feel right at home here.

What You Will Get From Our Posts ?

Well, here on our site, we will try to address all the problems that code learner is facing and try to find out the best solutions for them by writing compelling posts in the form of tutorials.

Which Types Of Posts You Can Read Here ?

We are trying to provide information about the coding languages, including HTML and CSS..

Why You Should Trust Us ?

The priority here is to find out the problems a coder faces, then I try to find out the solutions by searching on the internet and reading books. Moreover, I first try to implement the answers by practising by myself. My goal is to provide correct and accurate information to my readers.

Our Story


My name is Jaspal Singh, and I am the founder of

I have completed my graduation in computers. After doing jobs in different sectors four years ago, I decided to start learning coding languages in my free time. In the meantime, I have completed a few projects. During my learning process, I have to search many websites to solve the problems, which encourages me to provide a platform for the code learners to start my code blog.